Rumble in the Dungeon on December 9!

Are you ready to throw fists in a dungeon deep below the Earth’s surface? Rumble in the Dungeon is coming to your FLGS on December 9, and these underground caverns aren’t big enough for everyone.

The King has recently passed away and every able-bodied creature with debts to pay is scouring the dungeon in search of his treasure. In Rumble in the Dungeon, twelve different characters will enter, but only one will outlast them all. If they’re smart and lucky, they may escape with the King’s gold. The rules of the game are incredibly simple; however, players will have secret objectives, and you won’t know who is who until the end of the round.

For each game, the dungeon is assembled from the twelve, double-sided room tiles (you may not survive, so at least make it look nice). In each room you’ll place one of the twelve characters. They range from brave adventurers, to rotting zombies, to gelatinous cubes. Before each round starts, players will get two Secret Character tokens. Each one is hoping to stay in the subterranean chambers longer than anyone else and earn the most points. Keep your heroes to yourself; you don’t want your opponents to know who you are! The longer your characters stay in the dungeon, the more points you’re going to earn.

On your turn, you’ll either move a character or start a fight in a room with two or more characters. When you start a fight, you get to choose which character is eliminated from the dungeon (pro tip: not yours!). As the body count grows, you line the characters up outside the dungeon in the order they were eliminated. The longer the character was able to stay underground, the more points they’ll be worth to you. When only one character is left in the dungeon, the round is over. Everyone can reveal which characters they had (to the shock and awe of their opponents) and points are awarded for how long each team spent on the inside. 

The king’s treasure chest starts in the treasure room each round (makes sense). You can move the chest with a character in the same room. If one of your characters is able to escape the dungeon through the exit room with the chest in hand, you’ll automatically win the round. Huzzah!

After three rounds, whoever has earned the most points in their dungeon diving is the winner! Rumble in the Dungeon plays with 3-6 adventurers in about 20 minutes. It’s the perfect portable adventure for when you want to explore some underground tunnels, get into a few dust ups, and walk away with the treasure.

Look for it at your FLGS this week! Strap on your armor and go for the gold!

Learn more about Rumble in the Dungeon here.

Rumble in the Dungeon on December 9!

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