Savage Giants Unit Box

Legends of giants, huge humanoid creatures that tower above the average man, exist in almost every culture. According to some stories, they are the size of two or three men. Other tales depict them as several hundred feet tall. Rumors of giants have long persisted in Westeros, but were considered little more than bedtime stories, at least by those not guarding the Wall.

While many Westerosi lords don’t even believe they exist, the Savage Giants beyond the Wall are all too real, as the Night’s Watch will attest. These huge creatures wear no armor, and wield little more than crude mammoth bones or tree trunks. Yet, this is all they really need. A single giant can lay waste to the heaviest infantry and virtually ignore a line of charging knights. Only raw numbers or mighty siege weapons can bring a Giant down.

The Savage Giants offer a powerful option for Free Folk commanders. However, they are on the expensive end of the spectrum for the normally cheap Free Folk units, at 7 points. When building an army, commanders will have to decide if the Giant’s incredible power is worth their cost. Ah, who are we kidding? They’re Giants! Of course, you are going to want to add them to your army!

The Savage Giants' main role on the battlefield is to take down heavily armored targets since, if they hit with their attack, they deal Wounds directly to the enemy, without allowing Defense saves. Added to this effect, for each Wound the Giant has suffered, he will deal an additional Wound to the enemy. Players fighting against the Savage Giants are inclined to either outmanoeuvre them or to eliminate them in the least amount of turns as possible. 

Their 5 Wounds, together with their innate ability of taking only 1 wound for each 2 unblocked hits, makes them resilient. They will hardly ever fail Panic Tests with their 3+ Morale, but their Defense save is pretty average at 4+. Commanders would be wise not to grow too confident of their defensive capability and should always keep another unit close to them to avoid enemies ganging up on the Savage Giants. 

Free Folk armies are about to get a huge boon in the form of the Savage Giant Unit Box. Each unit box features two huge, highly detailed miniature figures. They come out of the box fully assembled and ready to join the battle.  

The Savage Giants Unit Box for the A Song of Ice and Fire: Tabletop Miniatures Game will be available in your FLGS on February 22.

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Savage Giants Unit Box

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