September Releases for CMON

September is a time of change and new beginnings. Students return to school, the leaves start to change color, and the promise of exciting adventures seem to be hiding around every corner. CMON is providing some opportunities for adventure with a list of games hitting FLGSs today that are sure to create stories for your gaming table for years to come!

A generation ago, a darkness spread across the land, threatening the lives of people everywhere. Only with the use of magical weapons were a new brand of heroes, the Lightbringers, able to fight back the minions of evil and restore peace to the land. However, rumors of the evil’s return are being whispered in the taverns and inns that dot the countryside. A shadow is falling again, and the need for heroes has never been greater. In Massive Darkness, players join forces to enter the dungeons below the Earth’s surface and face the evil before it can spread. This unique dungeon crawling adventure allows players to choose the class of their hero and develop their skills throughout the course of a campaign. No two games will ever be the same. These underground tunnels are filled with dark and depraved beasts. Time to show them the light!

Gateway was once a city that relied on magic, but since falling under the iron-fisted rule of Chancellor Gideon, the use of magic has been strictly forbidden. The districts of Gateway are constantly being patrolled by the City Guard, but in the shadows, a revolution is brewing. In Gateway: Uprising, players take control of a rebel faction, looking to wrest control of the city from the evil Chancellor and return the traditional, magical ways to the people. This revolution isn’t a moment too soon, as hideous monsters have gathered outside the city walls and are beginning their assault. The Drueggar Horde is trying to break into Gateway, and if they succeed, all will be lost. Gateway: Uprising combines area control and deckbuilding in a desperate fight for freedom and survival.

From a magical city to a magical classroom as students are being welcomed back to the Horribilium Academy for Witty Witches and Wizards. In Potion Explosion: The Fifth Ingredient, players will get to learn about a new element, Ghost Ectoplasm! This mysterious item can mimic different ingredients and be used in students’ potions. This expansion for Potion Explosion also includes new Professor tiles that will affect the rules of the game, scolding and reward tokens, and four new potions to learn the recipes to. It’s never too soon to start earning some extra credit.

Great warriors don’t have to possess magical powers. Sometimes, the control of the mind and body are the only things necessary to become a champion. In Dojo Kun, players have been invited to take part in a mysterious underground martial arts tournament. Over the course of two seasons, they will instruct their athletes in secret techniques, special moves, and one-on-one training. At the end of each season, a tournament will take place, with the winner bringing honor to their Dojo. The player who can earn the most prestige wins Dojo Kun, and elevates their Dojo to legendary status. Students will come from miles around to train with the great masters.

The Lilliputians are not great warriors, but they do have a knack for invention. These tiny people were locked in tribal battles that go back centuries, but rather than fight themselves, they’ve created giant (from their perspective) Meeples-of-war to do the dirty work. In Meeple War, players become the chief of a Lilliputian Village fighting with other Tribes over Buildings and territory. They send out Meeples to their opponent’s Village to destroy everything they’ve worked so hard to construct. They’ll have to manage their Meeples wisely and be sure to keep a strong defence at the home base. This is war, and their opponents will be all too happy to trash their Village as well. With strong tactics and clever leadership, they may come out on top.

Wars don’t always take place on dry land, so if you’re looking for reinforcements for battles on the high seas, CMON has you covered. The Hammers of Ragnarok and the Iron Inquisition expansions for Rum and Bones: Second Tide have sailed into your FLGS. Both expansions include full crews of Heroes, Deckhands, and Bosuns, as well as Tide decks and ships to launch their assaults from. If that’s not enough pirate action, CMON has also released the Mercenaries Heroes Chest. It adds 10 swashbuckling Heroes that will join any ship’s crew… for a price. These Mercenaries will give players options and diversity the next time they’re assembling a boarding party.

September is full of new adventures with exciting battles, powerful magic, and enough stories to keep players returning to the table again and again. Whether it’s delving into a darkened dungeon, trying to retake a magical city, or just going back to class to learn about new potions, there is truly something for everyone coming to FLGSs today from CMON.

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September Releases for CMON

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