September's Dark Age Releases

Dark Age is evolving both within its game world, with the addition of new units, and without, in the production of new sculpts of models that haven’t seen the tabletop for years. We also have brand new faction starters to bring the forces to the table.

The Kukulkani alien invaders have received new and terrible leadership in the Nocturnal Mother, the Moon Cult high priestess, Ixchel. Her technomancy is second to none, and her ability to eclipse the battlefield in darkness is a great asset to another new unit to be released: the Coatlanak. These alien serpents, with their toxic venom and tearing jaws, are nothing short of vicious. We are also releasing newly re-sculpted versions of the leader of the Dragyri Air Caste, the Arbiter of Balance, Yovanka, and a trio of crystal-slinging Shard Slaves.

In addition to all of these new, individual models, the anticipated release of three new 500-point Faction Starter sets brings full, event-ready forces for the Kukulkani, Outcast Scavengers, and Forsaken armies to the table and opens many new doors. It is a great time to get into Dark Age!

You can add the Kulkulkani’s Ixchel, Kulkulkani’s Coutlanak, and the Dragyri’s Shard Slaves to your forces now. Find them at your FLGS and CMON’s webstore. Look for the Dragyri Air Caste's Yovanka and the Faction Starters to be on shelves very soon!

September's Dark Age Releases

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