The Aliens of Project: ELITE - Know Your Enemy

Everyone please be seated. Thank you for joining me here for this briefing.

As you know, humanity had just started to spread out into the solar system. We had a colony on Mars that was doing well, and we were beginning to explore further out from our home, Earth. Little did we know that a couple lightyears away, someone… some- thing else was watching and they, too, thought our solar system looked like a good place to call home. The first assaults were brutal. The Mars colony was destroyed immediately. Here on Earth, major cities were turned into craters almost overnight. But the Janusians (as they came to be known. Also called “Proxies” by the military) weren’t interested in blowing up everything. They wanted to conquer Earth to take it over as their own. That meant eradicating us humans. To do this, they’ve employed several different lifeforms, each one custom-made in their own bio-vats. They attacked in three distinct Swarms. At times, they were led by bigger, more sentient alien beings, but we’ll have to save briefings on the Alien Bosses for another meeting. Today, we need to focus on the different Swarms our soldiers will face out there. If we are going to survive, we should fully understand what we’re up against. Let’s take a look at the Swarms we’ll be facing as part of Project: ELITE.

For starters, the first type of alien we’ll be fighting is the Biter. They’re what the UN scientists believe to be the baseline Janusian. While its strength, speed, and stamina are comparable to an adult human, its formidable natural weaponry can prove deadly in melee combat. Armor and weapons are recommended. They may seem like just simple mouths with legs, but they are not to be underestimated, and should be handled with extreme caution.

For rapid assault strikes, the Janusians rely on the Runners. They are mutations of the baseline Proxie form, designed for incredible bursts of speed, often exceeding those of a horse at full gallop. While they sacrifice some strength for this capability, their mouths are lined with serrated teeth capable of severing a limb with ease. Quick action is required when taking on a Runner, otherwise, they could overtake a position in the blink of an eye. A rapid trigger finger is the best way to deal with them.

While Biters and Runners rely on getting up close and personal to do their killing, the Janusians are just as capable of making ranged weaponry and integrating it onto a creature’s form. With that, we get the Shooter. They are essentially baseline Proxie Biters, though engineered for deadly hand-eye coordination and cybernetic plasma cannons that draw power from the Shooter’s own metabolism. How they can sustain such prodigious energy discharges without a constant intake of calories remains a mystery even to our top researchers.

Those are all the most basic of Janusians that you’ll meet out on the field. Learn the capabilities of each one and be ready to plan attacks and defenses versus them all.  But beware, we have intel that more advanced forms are out there.

The Earth is the only home we have, and we will not let it fall to the aliens.

Now, get to your barracks and get settled in. We’ll be sending you on your missions soon enough. Get rest while you can, because once inducted into Project: ELITE, your time is officially short.

Test your mettle against these alien Swarms when Project: ELITE comes to Kickstarter on October 30 at 3 PM EST.

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The Aliens of Project: ELITE - Know Your Enemy

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