The Black Plague continues to spread

This is a big month for the undead monsters that inhabit the world of Zombicide: Black Plague. They'll get some reinforcements in the form of the Notorious Plagued Characters Pack #1 (NPC #1 Pack). This pack contains 20 new Zombie miniatures, including Dwarfs, Moors, and Jailers as well as Spawn cards to add them to the mix. There's also three new Equipment cards: Dwarven Shield, Heavy Crossbow and the Orcish Bow. The Zombie forces are going to need all the help they can get because three new Special Guest Artist Survivor Boxes will be released as well. Some of the best artists in the world of fantasy and gaming have added their talents to Black Plague with packs of Survivors that will make the undead wish they had stayed in the ground.

Naiade has had a long career, creating beautiful illustrations of unexplored worlds and characters with a lifetime of stories to tell. His inspired work has completed the visions of many different board games over the years. His exclusive Survivor Box features four, highly-detailed miniatures and their Survivor cards. These warriors are pulled right from the imagination of one of the most brilliant game artists in the world today. He has really added his own personal flair to the diseased world of Black Plague.

Marc Simonetti is probably best known for the incredible world he illustrated for George R.R. Martin's fantasy series, A Song of Ice and Fire. He has also contributed art for the work of Terry Pratchett and Terry Goodkind. With such an excellent resume, there is great excitement for the release of Simonetti's addition to the Black Plague universe. His Survivors look like they would be at home in the lands of Ankh-Morpork or the battlefields of Westeros. Any adventure would be aided by having these heroes on board. Each one is represented by a beautiful miniature and has a Survivor card with their own special starting powers.

Edouard Guiton grew up in the suburbs of Paris. As a child, he never imagined his hobby of drawing monsters and heroes would become a career. After helping to create the gaming company Rackham with his brother, he served for several years as the head character designer. Edouard also provided illustrations for covers and video games. In 2009, he released his first comic book, and since then, he has been working with the French art collective Ankama. Guiton adds four Survivors that ready to do battle in the world of Zombicide: Black Plague. These war-hardened figures include a barbarian, a dwarf, and a mysterious creature from the north. Your team will be tough to beat when you hit the battlefield with these Survivors.

With more Zombie and Survivors, you’re going to need more land to fight them on! The Zombicide: Black Plague Extra Tiles Pack adds 11 tiles, helping you expand your Zombicide universe. You're no longer confined to a small hamlet infested with the living dead. Now your adventures can spread across vast cityscapes crawling with Zombies. This pack includes nine tiles from the Black Plague base set as well as the two Tower tiles from the Wulfsburg expansion. Use the towers as strategic elements in your scenarios or simply as a way to escape the advancing hoard. Never before has so much space felt more like a closing trap.

All of these Zombicide: Black Plague expansion products will be available at your FLGS on Friday, September 2nd! And you can learn more about Black Plague here.

The Black Plague continues to spread

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