The Dungeon Accessorizes

The Munchkins never know exactly what they’ll find when they kick open that next door in the dungeon. Will it be something deceptively cuddly? Will it be a horror from another dimension? Will it be something extremely meta? There’s only one way to find out. You gotta kick that door down. And soon, all of those previous options might be standing there when the dust settles as three new Munchkin Dungeon expansions are set to hit store shelves on July 31st. They’re Cute as a Button, Cthulhu, and Board Silly. Let’s take a quick look inside each.

The Cute as a Button expansion shows that cuteness is only skin deep while dangerousness goes right down to the bone. The four new monsters and new boss might seem cuddly, but they’ll stomp on your toe and stab you in the back just like any other monster in the dungeon. Players will have to be on the lookout for the likes of the Blob Goblin and the Neigh Slayer. Meanwhile, down in the Boss’ room, Cutezilla is ready to show that even though they don’t look mean, they can be. This set also includes the Who Wants to be the Cutest? contest. Players will collect cute loot, trying to up their cuteness score, getting bonus Fame if they’re deemed the most cutest Munchkin ever.

U mad, bro? You might just be with the Cthulhu expansion. Though this isn’t, “I’m angry that someone ate the last crumpet” sort of mad. It’s more the “my brain was twisted and melted out of my ears from having seen horrors from behind this cosmos” sort of mad. The “they’re coming to take me away, ho-ho hee-hee ha-ha!” type of mad. Monsters like the Mi-Go and Froggoth have new rooms in the Dungeon while Cthulhu himself holds court down in his lair. Players can also acquire Madness tokens as they travel through the dungeon. A little madness now and then is cherished by the wisest men. Some madness can be beneficial, but too much can really hamper adventuring. How will the Munchkins cope? And do they look good in a straitjacket?

Last but not least, also due out this month we get the most meta expansion possible for the game. It’s called Board Silly and it’s a tongue-in-cheek love-letter to all board gamers out there and all of our oddities, quirks, and eccentricities. We know we obsess over things, in-particular, our own collections of games. Along with new monsters like the Shrieking Geek and the Orc Board Game Reviewer, and the new evil Meeple Boss, this set includes the new Shelf Board. Every player gets their own and when they get a piece of Loot, they can either use it or proudly display it on their shelf. But be careful, if the game ends while your collection is still incomplete, you’ll be shamed into taking a penalty to your Fame. However, having a completed collection is the epitome of any board gamer’s goals, so having your Shelf Board all filled in will give big bonuses to Fame. This set goes to show that the weird things we do can be celebrated as well. We can all see ourselves reflected in this expansion in some way.

These new sets will greatly expand player’s options for their games. Each comes with new monsters, bosses, loot, threats, and more to make the dungeon all that more exciting and challenging. Be sure to check in with your LGS and make sure that these new sets will be available when they are released on July 31st.

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The Dungeon Accessorizes

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