The Emerald Sea Grows Greener- New Crew for Rum and Bones: Second Tide

Davey Jones’ powerful magic hasn’t just pulled sea captains from all over the world and all different times. It’s strong enough that it opened up portals to entirely different dimensions! What came through had a distinctly green hue, as the orcs of the Blutrausch Legion sailed into this world. These rough and rowdy pirates are just as ready to plunder as their human counterparts, and the Legion is growing. This month’s releases for Rum & Bones: Second Tide includes the Blutrausch Legion Hero Set #1. Let’s take a deeper look at these savage swashbucklers.

Ships are cramped places, especially below decks. For a huge captain like Hunch, that can lead to some poor posture. However, even bent over, Hunch still stands out due to his bulk. This grizzled captain looks to get the most out of his crew, leading them into battle.

Every pirate is paid their due. What’s the point in looting treasure if you don’t get a portion of it for yourself? Those drinks at the tavern during shore leave don’t pay for themselves, after all. However, being the one in charge of handing out coins to a rough group like the Legion can leave you feeling like everyone’s out for your gold. That’s why Longjowels likes to stay back, away from the main bulk of the fighting. He’s more than happy to throw a few extra coins at a problem if it means it’ll go away.

Orcs aren’t the only members of the Legion. Their lesser cousins, the goblins, can also sign on. A goblin’s natural ability to be sneaky and quick can really be an advantage on the deck-to-deck fighting between ships. Able to slip past the mass of nameless deckhands and deliver attacks to the enemies directing the battle is key. That’s where Sneakstab can be found. Using his smoke bombs to make a hasty retreat if ever cornered. Enemy characters must beware or they’ll find a couple new holes in their back.

While most Orcs don’t seem too concerned with their general appearance (other than looking fierce and mean, that is), Fancy Lad much prefers the finer things in life. Well-shined boots, a set of pants certain to catch one’s eye, and a bright red shirt are the base of his ensemble, with plenty of belts and fur to complete the look. Not wanting to get his outfit dirty, Fancy Lad stays away from melee fights, preferring to take out enemies that would dare soil his outfit from afar. Blood is so hard to wash out of clothes, you know.

Mostly kept below decks and away from… well… everything, lest it be torn to shreds, The Blutghul is unchained only during the most dangerous boarding actions. This nearly-mindless killing machine is simply aimed at the enemy and given a bit of a shove. Its natural instincts take over from there as a whirling mass of claws and teeth rip into the enemy deckhands. The worst part is that hurting it only sends it into a further destructive rage, as its adrenaline gets pumping and its attacks become more brutal. You might just want to jump overboard to avoid this monster.

These five new characters will be a welcome addition to your crews. Orcs might be out for themselves, but their shared comradery as part of the Legion keeps them fighting together. The lure of Davey Jones’ gold is strong, and they’re ready to take on whatever humans might get between them and their desired treasure.

The Blutrausch Legion Heroes Set #1 will be in your FLGS on November 17.

Learn more about Rum and Bones: Second Tide here.

The Emerald Sea Grows Greener- New Crew for Rum and Bones: Second Tide

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