The Extremes of the Lannisters

Everyone knows that the Lannisters have more money than most of Westeros combined. Their deep pockets allow them all sorts of luxuries that a commoner can hardly even dream of. They are even able to fund research into the sciences, pushing the boundaries of what mankind knows. Of course, one doesn’t become so rich and powerful with all of their scruples still entirely intact. And the Lannisters are hardly squeaky clean when it comes to all of their dealings. This month’s releases for the Lannisters in the A Song of Ice and Fire: Tabletop Miniatures Game show the two extremes of the House. Let’s take a quick look at both and see just how far apart the two units can be.

Alchemists have created numerous different potions and concoctions, but none have had such an impact on the battlefield as the one simply known as “the substance.” It is a sticky, green liquid that is highly volatile, having to be transported with the utmost care, lest the entire batch go up in flame. And flame is just what “the substance” produces. Such a conflagration it creates has been dubbed Wildfire. When “the substance” is placed into glass orbs and hurled at the enemy, it can quickly turn the tide of battle, the orbs breaking and a conflagration quickly ensues. What good is plate armor or toughened leather against flame? The Pyromancers Unit Box contains 12 pyromancers ready to take their new weapon to the enemy. Wildfire doesn’t allow for Defense Saves versus it, as it burns with a seemingly unquenchable flame. Truly a horrific way to die.

The Mountain’s Men aren’t so worried about the science that goes into creating new weapons of war. Give them something to hit the enemy with and that’s good enough for them. Drawn from the lowest dregs of society, they represent the lows that the Lannisters will stoop to in order to gain an advantage. In combat, the Mountain’s Men will take no prisoners and will gladly cut down anyone that tries to run. Every fight with the Mountain’s Men is a fight to the death, as surrender is not in their vocabulary. The Mountain’s Men Unit Box has 12 rough and rugged men. And their strength with their greatswords is almost legendary, possibly inflicting two Hits with each swing.

With Robert Baratheon dead, the Lannisters are poised to be the ones who control the Iron Throne. They certainly intend to maintain that hold. In the War of the Five Kings, they are the ones in the highest position of power at the onset. With their ingenuity and means, it will be difficult for the other Houses to push them out of King’s Landing. These new Unit Boxes will go far in making sure Lannister players are the ones left on the field at the end of battle. These new units will be available in your FLGS on October 26.

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The Extremes of the Lannisters

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