The Gentlemen of Rise of Moloch: Abigail Sutherland

Welcome back to the second installment of "The Gentlemen of Rise of Moloch," exploring the Gentlemen of the Unicorn Club. In this series, you’ll be introduced to each Gentlemen, their backstory, and a quick look at how they are used in the game. Without further ado, we introduce you to Abigail Sutherland.

Abigail Sutherland started her life under inauspicious circumstances. Left on the steps of an orphanage, it was soon clear that she also lacked the power of sight. Growing up in such an institution isn’t easy at the best of times, but Abigail was plagued with episodes of sleepwalking and voices in her head. It became too much for her caregivers, and before long she was transferred to the Marylebone Asylum to be cared for by one Doctor Sutherland.

A kind man, the Doctor took pity on her and pledged to raise her as his daughter. Being a widower, and with no children of his own, the two formed a strong bond. It was then that he started hearing the voice of his dead wife coming out of Abigail and all of the pieces fell into place. Abigail wasn’t mad. She possessed a gift that allowed her to communicate with the dead. Doctor Sutherland focused his teaching with her, working on controlling her emotions and understanding the art of hypnosis. 

Abigail finally had a purpose and became one of the most famous mediums in all of London. She would loan her physical body to the spirits she communed with, giving them a chance to communicate directly with the living world. It was a good gig, but all that came to an end when she answered a call to come to the Unicorn Club. She was possessed by Guinevere, a white witch who had been haunting the halls of the Club for longer than anyone could remember. Now, Abigail only hears the voice of the white witch in her head, and she is committed to helping her new friends, the Gentlemen, in their quest to defeat the Nemesis. 

In the world of Rise of Moloch, Abigail Sutherland is an Arcanist class character and, at first glance, seems most adept at engaging the enemy in melee attacks. She has no ranged abilities to speak of, and by tapping into her special ability, Channel Spirits, she gets extra melee attack dice and gains ghostly speed, allowing her to reach enemies in the blink of an eye. However, her real power and potential comes from Upgrades. Like all Arcanists, the Upgrades they can take advantage of are unique spells that can change the entire course of the game. They can possess nearby enemies, heal their allies, or even set a group of enemies ablaze. Acanists must be respected for what they are able to accomplish, assuming they have the available Ether. 

Abigail is a character that has the potential for incredible and terrifying power, but using her effectively is a balancing act. When is the right moment to risk empowering the Nemesis by spending a great deal of Ether? When is the right time to let loose your abilities and destroy everything around you with your ghostly wrath? Abigail is a good ally to have on any team, but learning how to control her abilities can mean the success or failure of a chapter.

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The Gentlemen of Rise of Moloch: Abigail Sutherland

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