The Gentlemen of Rise of Moloch: Drago

Welcome to the third installment of "The Gentlemen of Rise of Moloch," exploring the Gentlemen of the Unicorn Club. In this series, you’ll be introduced to each Gentlemen, their backstory, and a quick look at how they are used in the game. In this article, we introduce you to the monstrous Drago!

Drago was born into nobility and raised with all of the benefits of a royal life. His father was the Voivod of the Province of Valcea, and Drago was destined to succeed him in that role. That is, until a fateful foxhunt went terribly wrong. It had dragged on until dusk and the hunting party was just about to give up when Drago was attacked by a vicious beast that ran off before it could be identified. In his agony, Drago showed signs of the “Pricolici,” the half-man, half-beast creatures rumored to terrorize the nearby mountains. His fate was sealed by the Grand Pope, who demanded he be chopped into little pieces and burnt to ashes immediately.

The Voivod made the painful decision to comply, and a team was assembled to carry out the deed, including Drago’s younger brother. Shackled in chains, Drago was led into the mountains for his sentence to be completed. But upon arrival to their destination, he was overcome with an animalistic rage and transformed into a giant wolf. Drago fell upon his would-be executioners. What was found of their bodies would haunt the nightmares of the men who came across them.

After years enjoying a privileged life, Drago was now forced to run, a hunted beast pursued by his father’s soldiers. He took to the woods and learned to live on the animals he was able to kill and eat. He wouldn’t have lasted long if fate hadn’t smiled on him. A passing caravan of gypsies recognized him for one of their own and allowed him to join them in their travels.

He travelled for year with the troupe and learned to control his animal rage, unleashing it only when he was backed into a corner. When they arrived in London, Drago decided to take his leave of his adopted family and explore a city so vast and diverse that he was not the most terrifying creature walking its streets. Fate smiled on him again as he found his way to the Unicorn Club and convinced the Gentlemen that his noble upbringing and deadly talents would be a welcome addition.

Drago is not the type of fighter that likes to stay out of the fray, using ranged weapons from a safe distance. No, he likes to get right in the middle of things and get his claws and fangs dirty. He has the Gift of Furious Charge that allows him to attack faster than any of the other Gentlemen. He cuts the distance between himself and a foe in no time and deals extra damage when he slams into them.

Drago is a Monster class character, and his pure size and strength mean that he is one of the toughest members of the Club. It also means that he focuses all of his attention in meting out punishment on his targets. He can take extra damage to gain additional attacks, and he has one heck of a deadly counter attack. Every part of his being is aimed at the total annihilation of his target.

Of course, it all comes down to how you upgrade Drago. Maybe you want to give him the power to heal with every kill, or strengthen him so he really tears through some of those lesser minions. Drago is designed to deal out a lot of damage, but don’t ever assume there isn’t an art to what he does.

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The Gentlemen of Rise of Moloch: Drago

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