The Gentlemen of Rise of Moloch: Emma Swanson

The fourth installment of "The Gentlemen of Rise of Moloch" is here! In this series, we explore the Gentlemen of the Unicorn Club. You'll be introduced to each Gentlemen, their backstory, and a quick look at how they are used in the game. In this article, we introduce readers to the amazing Emma Swanson!

Emma Swanson was not raised to be a swashbuckling hero. Her youth was spent training in all of the skills that would make her an accomplished young woman and a doting wife. Classes in sewing, watercolors, horseback riding, singing, and etiquette developed her into a perfect match for Lord Peter Swanson.

However, it wasn’t long before the new Lady Swanson grew tired of the gilded cage that married life provided her. Her husband was a cold man, uninterested in matters of the heart. He was dedicated to his work and spent nearly all of his time holed up in his mansion. Emma passed the time reading newspapers and following the heroic exploits of the Unicorn Club members, or sneaking around her husband’s laboratory, where she managed to steal a very uncommon weapon, the Symboite Rifle. She soon realized that the life of a housewife would never satisfy her. Using Lord Swanson’s vast resources, she began to explore all of the marvels that London had to offer. 

Emma began taking classes again, but this time in various forms of the combative arts. The rumor mill of London was abuzz about the young woman who could be seen fearlessly walking dark alleyways, or frequenting opium dens, or even entering the Shadow Market. Her newfound freedom came at the cost of her status, but that was an exchange she made without a second thought. The time of her being nothing more than a decoration on the arm of powerful men was over.

It was at this time that she made her way to Unicorn Club and met the members she had followed with such rapt interest. Her application to join was met with skepticism at first, that is, until she outwitted the members on the intellectual aspect of the test and bested the toughest member in physical combat. The newest member of the club has been very impressive so far, but now it’s time to test her skills in the field.

In Rise of Moloch, Emma Swanson is the team’s best ranged option. She has the lowest hit points of the group, so you’ll want to keep her out of melee battles as much as possible. However she’ll be able to take advantage of her Symboite Rifle to attack enemies at the furthest range of any of the Gentlemen. The Rifle also has the ability to heal her while dealing out damage.

Being the Dilettante class, Emma is one of the most versatile of the Gentlemen. Her Upgrades can develop her in a number of different ways, such as increasing her speed and mobility, improving her weapon, allowing her to react to nearby enemy activations, and even making connections that will give her access to rare and powerful weapons.

Emma has the skill of Evasion, which makes using her a balancing act of keeping her out of harm’s way and dealing out a great amount of damage. She will be the best long range option available, and depending how her Upgrades define her, she’ll be able to contribute with a whole lot of nasty tricks up her sleeve.

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The Gentlemen of Rise of Moloch: Emma Swanson

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