The Gentlemen of Rise of Moloch: Major Dreadful

Welcome to the first of several articles introducing you to The World of SMOG: Rise of Moloch and its inhabitants. We’re starting this series off exploring the Gentlemen of the Unicorn Club. Over the next couple of weeks, you’ll be introduced to each Gentlemen, their backstory, and a quick look at how they are used in the game. If you haven’t read our previous “The World of SMOG” article series, you can find them here: “Part I: Welcome to SMOG,” “Part II: On Her Majesty’s Service,” and “Part III: Rise of Moloch.” Without further ado, we introduce you to Major Dreadful.

Advancements in technology have made it so that wars are fought largely by automatons, keeping living humans out of harm’s way. However, Major Dreadful has never been one to shy away from a good dust up. As a flag bearer for the British Army, he almost single-handedly put an end to uprisings in the colonies. The Major was honored a number of times for his bravery and heroics on the field of battle, bulldozing his way through conflicts in Egypt and Persia without receiving even so much as a scratch. He even avoided the scourge of dysentery with a steady diet of malted beverages.

In Afghanistan, the Major suffered what, for many, would be a career ending injury. His arm was severely wounded. But, not wanting to leave the battle, he cauterized it with the heated metal of his trusty sawed-off shotgun. It took a medical genius to replace his arm with a prosthesis made from the parts of fallen automatons. During the entire operation, the Major was itching to get back out there and exact his revenge on the ones that had cost him his appendage.

After the wars had subsided and the Major was no longer needed abroad, he returned to London and joined the police force. His experience and reputation were enough to earn him a spot on the riot repression brigade, a perfect position for a man who had been missing the joy of cracking heads. His aggressive methods earned him accolades at first, but with so much collateral damage done to citizens and the city itself, it wasn’t long before the brigade was dissolved.

Luckily, there are still a few places where a person with Major Dreadful’s particular set of skills can be useful. He made his way to the Unicorn Club and joined the Gentlemen without a lot of pomp and circumstance, just a few glasses of Brandy to seal the deal.

Major Dreadful is one of the Gentlemen of the Unicorn Club that players will be able to add to their squad as they face the Nemesis and their minions. He is a Knight class, making him eligible for all the Knight upgrades available throughout the game. Many of those upgrades could turn him into a juggernaut in battle, capable of wiping out huge numbers of minions at once. His class also opens him up to upgrades that will strengthen his defense, which, considering the fact that he starts with more health than any other of the Gentlemen, makes him one tough customer. Players may be tempted to use him as the tank of the group, barreling him in to the middle of the fray. He has no problems getting his hands dirty!

The Major starts with the special ability Steam Fist! His mechanical arm isn’t all bad news, as it provides extra power with every blow. When using a melee attack, the Major throws extra dice and causes more damage.  However, considering he always has his trusty shotgun with him, players will find ways to use him at range as well.

Like all Gentlemen, Major Dreadful has all of his stats like Feats (determines movement and ability to avoid attacks), Trigger (determines ranged attack), and Punch (determines melee attack) indexed on his own character board. On the game board itself, where all the action takes place (known as the Stage), the Major is represented by a highly detailed miniature figure that captures both his mechanically-altered appearance, and his gruff, battle hardened attitude. You never know what challenges the Chapter you’re playing will throw your way, but you’ll never regret having a war-tested battle veteran that doesn’t know the meaning of fear on your side.

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The Gentlemen of Rise of Moloch: Major Dreadful

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