The Gentlemen of Rise of Moloch: Sir Walther Cavendish

The final installment of "The Gentlemen of Rise of Moloch" is here! In this article, we introduce you to Sir Walther Cavendish, a member of the Unicorn Club. We delve into his backstory and take a quick look at how he's used in the game.

The career of Sir Walther Cavendish was on a decidedly high note. He was a Mekamancer, one of the designers of the automatons that would fight on the battlefield so that humans could stay back in relative safety and watch. So respected was the role, he would often find himself dining at the palace on the arm of the Queen. He and others like him were known as ‘Steam Lords’ and were treated with the utmost deference.

All of that ended when Cavendish and a number of the other scientists he worked with lost perspective on their role. Seeing themselves as untouchable, they began working with unstable energy in their experiments. They constructed a machine that was able to convert spectral waves into pure energy. Had it been successful, it would have led to new forms of power. Instead, the experiments ended with a massive ectoplasm explosion that freed great swaths of specters, haunting the streets of London for weeks and terrifying the citizens.

Following the incident, the Steam Lords were stripped of their status and disbanded. Due to his familiarity with this new form of energy, electricity, Cavendish was given a choice: prison or a collaboration with the Crown under tight watch. He didn’t take long to make a decision.

He quickly found himself enrolled in the Unicorn Club, joining the members there in their efforts to defeat the enemies of the Queen. No longer able to spend his time holed up in laboratory working on his various experiments, Cavendish was forced to hit the streets with common lawmen on distasteful urban punitive expeditions. Wearing his thermoelectric suit, he quickly won over the lawmen he worked with, who were in awe of the incredible electric arcs he was capable of displaying. Cavendish seemed to settle in to his new position, fighting the enemies of the crown, but he never took his eyes off the main goal of getting back to the lab and discovering how to make an electric field control space and time.

In Rise of Moloch, you’ll find that Sir Walther Cavendish enjoys zapping things with lightning… a lot. He comes with a signature weapon, the Tesla Gloves, and works as the crowd control expert of the group, able to arc electric attacks from short range or in melee. If the enemy gets too bunched together, they will be an easy target for him.

Walther has the special ability of Dynamo, which provides him with a near-constant battery of Ether. It’s a good thing too, since his powers consume a crazy amount of Ether to keep them going. It is a careful balancing act, though. Cavendish can be doling out a great deal of damage, but if you’re not careful with his Ether usage, he could end up fueling the Nemesis (more on that here).

Cavendish is the Mekamancer class, and as such, he has access to those Upgrades. Depending on the way you want to develop his skills, his armor could improve, increasing his hit points and allowing him to wade into melee battles with a little more confidence. Upgrades like Elixir X and Adrenaline Pump will transform him from bookish scientist into a close range powerhouse. You could also develop his ranged attacks, gaining him access to a Homing Rocket that can deal incredible damage at an extreme distance. There’s even an Upgrade that allows him the ability to create his own automaton to fight his battles on the field. Why get YOUR hands dirty?

Sir Walther has had a fall from grace, but he’s embraced his new job fighting the minions of the Nemisis. With technology playing a huge role in his attack, Cavendish is the perfect Gentlemen for all the intelligent, misunderstood science “nerds” out there.

Thank you for reading out ‘The Gentlemen of Rise of Moloch’ series! Over the coming weeks, we’ll have more articles discussing Nemisis factions in the game, a closer look at the Upgrade system, and more! Follow along with our previews on the Facebook page here. Until next time, Gentlemen!

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The Gentlemen of Rise of Moloch: Sir Walther Cavendish

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