The Heroes of Starcadia Quest

Space is, like, … really, really big. I mean, whoah! All this room out here! It’s crazy! And with all that room comes a lot of adventures. And you can’t have an adventure without adventurers. Then you’d just have a… not-adventure. Starcadia Quest blasts off from the familiar realms you know and takes you to realms far-off and hitherto unknown. And there’s lot of new Heroes plying those space-lanes. Let’s take a look at the ones coming in the core box.

Bahbaka comes from snowy, chilly Baccahlanche, a founding world of the Starcadian Alliance. He was afflicted with wanderlust at an early age, joined the Starcadian Marines, and traveled the galaxy, sweating every minute of it. He doesn’t understand how the other galactic species can take such constant, withering heat! Anything above freezing is just too hot! Plus, your pocket ice cream always melts! It’s almost barbaric. Despite enduring desert-like conditions for most of his career, Bahbaka has risen to be one of the Alliance’s greatest tactical minds and leaders.

Edge lives his life on the precipice, always ready for a new fight, a new gizmo, or a new upgrade for his amazing lazer-swords. They slice, they dice, they make bad guys into julienne fries! Edge has to be careful with them, of course. They’re made of light, so they weigh almost nothing, and they can be as dangerous to him as they are the bad guys. Fortunately, advanced optics in his visor (and a streamlined haircut) make accidents rare. … Mostly rare. Usually. Ahem. <cough>

Hard-bitten and hard-biting, Colonel Blaze McGunner has fought in every major interstellar conflict since… well, forever! He’s a tactical and strategic genius, so long as the plan is “Shoot everything in our way with extreme prejudice”. The Colonel’s gunnery has been honed to a fine science, able to pinpoint weak points in enemy armor, and light his cigars from ricochets. If there’s one thing the Colonel enjoys more than putting light down-range, it’s reminiscing about old victories. At length. For hours and hours. Just ask him. (No, really don’t ask him).

Starkid takes after the fellow Frontiersfolk with amblin’ speech, amblin’ walk, and amblin’ gunplay. (Yes, gunplay can amble. Just you watch!) Starkid takes the time to size up a situation before acting, but when it’s time to act, she jumps to it like lightning. That’s how they do it out on the Frontiers. Going off half-cocked is a good way to get yourself ‘kilt’. Better to figure a problem from all sides, then hit it quick and git er’ done.

As a native of primitive Amaze-onia, Hannah Lone is very excited to be out in the galaxy, seeing new things, meeting new people, and shooting at anything that deserves it. Doing a mission with Hannah is like seeing the galaxy through new eyes at every turn. Literally EVERY turn! She can’t even go to lunch without squeeing over every menu item, and being amazed at the tasty, cool, crisp ice water (which is apparently in every glass she drinks). Still, Hannah’s startled exclamations never interfere with her mission, even if they’re a bit distracting.

As professional choppers go, few are better than Digits. If it runs off of a computer, Digits can chop it, whether that be a starship, an anty-matter reactor (which runs off real ants!), or just a stingy vending machine. Digits’ cyber implants give her brain multi-tasking capabilities, though she uses these a little too often for gaming on the job. She currently holds the galactic title of Grandmaster in the popular League of Worldcraft competitive online multiplayer crafting survival battle arena RPG with FPS and puzzle-solving elements.

As a native of planet Glomp, Red is tall, hardy, strong, and needs a LOT of moisturizer. Glompans, as a whole, invigorated the moisturizer industry, as everywhere in the galaxy is just too darn dry to keep their claylike skin from flaking and cracking. It’s not painful, but it sure does leave a mess, and Red hates messes, though she certainly does make plenty in battle. Given her size and strength, any enemy that gets in her way is sure to be reduced to an unsightly smear.

For a Melodramian like Nixie, life is an endless series of glorious battles, usually starting around breakfast. In fact, she’s usually going to war WITH her breakfast, something her fellow crewmates have to get used to. For all her volatility and CONSTANT USE OF CAPSLOCK, Nixie is incredibly valuable to the team. Her species’ warlike ways make her perfect for taking on threats to galactic peace, even if sometimes she’s the biggest threat. Nixie doesn’t intend any harm to her allies, but the big babies could learn to dodge a little better, RIGHT??

This esoteric group of vagabonds can be yours to command, if you so choose (I mean, choose wisely, though. Some of them are right-nutters!). But no matter who you choose, there’s going to be plenty of action and excitement (and probably laser burns. Stock up on aloe) when Starcadia Quest hits tabletops.

Starcadia Quest is coming to Kickstarter on August 28 at 3 PM EST.

You can read more about Starcadia Quest  here.

The Heroes of Starcadia Quest

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