The Mayhem System: Bringing the Mayhem to Your World

As part of the upcoming Animation Collection Kickstarter campaign, we are happy to introduce the first two games using the innovative new Mayhem System: Looney Tunes Mayhem and Teen Titans GO! Mayhem. The games use a shared system for character vs. character team-based combat and will feature game-play aspects special to each world that make the various games their own unique tabletop experience.

At its base, the Mayhem system is about gaining Victory Points (VP), with the first team to collect 5 VP winning the game. The most direct method for a team to gain VP is by KOing their opponents. Characters will utilize items and powers to battle the enemy team. When a character is KOed, they are removed from the board and their opponent gains VPs - but don't worry, they will be back next round!

While combat may be the most direct option for winning, with battle damage changing each round based on the Mayhem Die, some rounds will be better than others to engage with the opposing team. So what do you do when you are not battling each other? Each game will have its own unique way to gain VP that will be related to its world.

For Looney Tunes Mayhem, many of the classic cartoon locations offer the chance for teams to gain VPs. For example, The Poker Stars location allows a Toon that moves onto the location a chance to try their luck: they roll the Mayhem die and if it comes up with a Star, then that team can collect a VP. The Home Sweet Home location, on the other hand, allows a team to gain a VP the first time both characters on a team are at the location at the same time: after all, there’s no place like home.

The Teen Titans, on the other hand, must always stay focused on the mission! Teen Titans GO! Mayhem includes a special GO! Deck and teams will receive missions they need to complete for a chance to gain VPs.

The classic characters of Looney Tunes are well-versed in conflict and the unique aspects of Looney Tunes Mayhem showcase all of the tried-and-true ways the Toons engage in cartoon combat. The special Desert Road location gives out ACME deliveries, providing characters with additional effects to make their opponents go KABOOM!

The Teen Titans are no slouches in combat. Unlike the Toons, who focus more on movement and traps, using the environment as a tool, the Titans battle their foes directly and rely more on teamwork to complete their missions. All of the Titans have a power that directly attacks their opponents, either through an Attack or through Fire tokens. Fire tokens deal damage equal to the Mayhem die, just like a regular attack, but deal their damage at the beginning of each round. Titans sporting fire tokens may not want to keep it quite so hot!

As the first of the Mayhem system games, Looney Tunes Mayhem and Teen Titans GO! Mayhem will show how this flexible team combat system can be adapted to show off what makes each world unique and special to its fans. We hope you take a look at these exciting new games and more in our upcoming Animation Collection Kickstarter campaign coming later this month.

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The Mayhem System: Bringing the Mayhem to Your World

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