The More Things Change…

Starcadia Quest is the next step forward in the game series, bringing new updates and enhancements to our Arcadia game system. But what sort of things set it apart from previous Arcadia products in terms of gameplay? We’ve heard you asking, and we’re here to answer. Let’s take a look at the main changes that have been made.

First off, we found that we could streamline pre-game time by making a few particular changes. To start with, players have a crew of two instead of three. This not only speeds up pre-game setup, but also time during the game. Along with that, scenarios are easier to set up because all the information is now placed on a single Setup card. Instead of having everything written in a Campaign book, the Setup card shows where tiles should be placed and what the objectives for the Quest are. This has an added effect that games can now be much more modular in nature. Each Map tile has spaces on it for tokens and monster spawning, as well as unique effects that make each one a little different from the others. Then there’s the Monster Dashboard that allows players to use different monsters each time they play through a mission. Switch up monsters, officers, and even the main villain!

Another way the game adds replayability is via the use of Event cards. Players must play one of these at the end of each of their turns. They have all sorts of different effects, from spawning monsters to shaking the entire board or zapping someone standing too close to an electrical outlet! You never quite know what’s going to happen!

There are some changes to scoring at the end of Quests, as well as the overall Campaign.

This gives every player a good chance at coming out on top! We hope that this quick overview of some of the major changes in Starcadia Quest has answered a few of your questions. Be sure to check out the WIP rulebook here as well as the Designer Interview here for more.

You can back the Kickstarter here.

The More Things Change…

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