The Munchkins Go Dungeon Delving

Kick down the doors. Fight the monsters. Get the loot. It’s that simple. Ok, maybe it’s not exactly that simple; those monsters can be really mean, and the other players want that loot for themselves. (What ever happened to an egalitarian society?) You’re going to have to work for your win. Kick down more doors, defeat more monsters, take the loot before the others can get it. That will earn you the most Fame, and Fame is the name of the game. Actually, Munchkin Dungeon is the name of the game. And it, along with the first expansion, Munchkin Dungeon: Side Quest, are due out July 17th. Let’s take a look at just what’s in store (or, will be on store shelves, that is).

In Munchkin Dungeon, players take on the role of, well, adventurers (called Munchkins) who explore a Dungeon… I guess we sorta hit the nail right on the head with the title, didn’t we? Anyway, players compete to gain levels and loot in their never-ending quest for Fame (well, the game does eventually end, but you can play again and again and again). Each Munchkin has their own class dashboard showing off all the cool things they can do as they level up. Each dashboard is different, giving players special advantages every game. The characters also have their own minis, which are placed at the top of the Dungeon board, ready to go delving.

The Dungeon itself is populated with all manner of monsters. Some have permanent housing within certain rooms of the Dungeon. Others simply couch-surf from place to place, so you never really know where they might end up. Down at the bottom of the Dungeon, the big boss waits in its lair, ready to do battle with any Munchkin brave enough to attack it. These monsters and the boss are all modular, so one game might see players facing off against the Maul Rat and Bullrog, whereas the next might have the Floating Nose and Plutonium Dragon.

During a player’s turn, they’ll head down into the Dungeon, moving through as many rooms as they dare. The further they go on a turn, the bigger the rewards might be. However, each room will give their opponents more chances to stop them via Threat cards. When the player finally decides they’ve gone far enough, their opponents can play the aforementioned Threat cards, using the Threat Pool to pay for them. Then, it’s time to take out some monsters.

Fights with monsters are quick and decisive, involving a quick die roll to see if either the Munchkin or the monster(s) have done enough damage to do in their opponent. When the Munchkin wins, they get loot and possibly levels! Hooray! If they lose, well, they’re sent packing back to the start of the Dungeon with their pride forever hurt. At least until they can come back and avenge themselves.

All this questing, fighting, and looting leads to Fame. At the end of the game, the player with the most Fame is the winner. They get a parade and a middle school named after them! (Maybe. Your municipality may differ. You might just win the game. Check with your local legislative council for details). And that’s Munchkin Dungeon.

However, as I said waaaaay at the start, that’s not the only game coming out this month. The first expansion, Munchkin Dungeon: Side Quest, is also set to hit shelves. This set brings you more Munchkins to take into the depths of the Dungeon, more monsters to fight once you get there, and quests to occupy your time along the way. These extra quests are placed off to the side of the board; if you do things like defeat a monster without rerolls or even just get defeated, you might end up with some extra rewards in the form of levels. Who doesn’t love levels? Nobody, that’s who!

Both sets will be hitting store shelves July 17th. So, save up your nickels and be sure to ask your LGS if they can reserve you a copy. You don’t want someone else swooping in and getting your game while you stopped to smell the flowers!

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The Munchkins Go Dungeon Delving

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