The Others: Delta Team Incoming!

Valentines day might have just passed, but with the release of the Delta Team box today for The Others, there’s a whole lot more creepy material for you to love.  Also hitting your FLGS today is the Art of The Others and the Dice Pack for The Others.

The Delta Team box contains new features for almost every aspect of the game, including Heroes, Upgrade cards, Old Town tiles, Corrupted Acolytes, and more!

Bob leads the Delta Team into action. He was raised in Scotland and has the kilt to prove it. He considered joining the priesthood, but instead opted for the Royal Marines. He’s not as tough as some of the Leaders out there, but his skill at ranged combat ensures the enemy will rarely get that close to him. Bob can also help out the team by supplying them with Upgrade cards. With Bob as your leader, you’ll be geared up in no time! Julia is one of the most skilled snipers in the world today. The youngest of five daughters, she joined the French army at 18. It was there that she learned her love of weapons. Every time she kills two or more monsters in a single fight, she earns an extra turn token. She can be a real killing machine when she gets on a roll. Kurt grew up as your typical punk rocking, role-playing, German teenager, with a collection of impressive knives. He loves the thrill of the battle and will even goad monsters to join any fight he’s engaged in. This can free up space for other Heroes on the board and adds to his kill count! Manuela grew up on the streets, and now she uses her intimate knowledge of the city to her advantage. Once per round, she can use a district’s City Actions without using her City Action token. This means that she can use a second district on her turn and that first district is free for a teammate to take advantage of! Finally, there’s Wengsi. While growing up in Peking, she studied the power of chi energy. Now, she applies that to battle. In a fight, Wengsi is almost untouchable, with an amazing defense. But her true strength is in the attack. When Wengsi is outnumbered in a fight, she rolls extra dice and deals extra damage! The Delta Team is definitely not to be taken lightly.  

The Delta Team box also includes some new Old Town tiles for the Heroes to defend.  Locations like the park and the library offer some respite from the battle for those trying to save the Earth. One of the oldest structures in the city of Haven is the Castle. Getting inside allows the Heroes access to every City Action in the game, but there is a lot of corruption to fight through to get there. Heroes will have a lot of adventures exploring all the new areas.  

As the city grows, so do the armies of evil. Overcome with corruption, twelve new Acolytes join the Sin’s army. Six Corrupted Chefs in three different sculpts, and six Corrupted Musicians in three different sculpts have given in to their basest desires and now fight to bring on the apocalypse. They’ll throw everything at the Heroes… including the kitchen sink.  

 The Delta Team box also includes new Hero dice, Upgrade cards, and all of the Hero dashboards and Acolyte boards you’ll need to dive into battle with the enemy. We may still be in the cold grip of winter, but with this release, things are certainly starting to heat up!  

Also being released today to your FLGS, is The Others art book. Featuring all of the amazing art from the game, and some never before seen extras, The Art of The Others is a dramatic and creepily beautiful addition to anyone’s collection. This book features full color illustrations by some of the leading artists in the field today, including Adrian Smith, Karl Kopinski, Paolo Parente, and Miguel Coimbra. If the images aren’t enough to immerse you into the world of The Others, it also features several short stories that will keep you up at night.  

 There’s nothing worse than having to search for dice when it’s your turn to roll. Rounding out the releases for this month is the Dice Pack. It features three new Hero dice and three new Sins dice. Now your epic battles will have all the ammo they need!  

The month of love is full of great new material for The Others! Get down to your FLGS to pick it up and don’t get left with a broken heart!

Learn more about The Others here.

The Others: Delta Team Incoming!

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