The Shadow Caste invades Dark Age!

For Dark Age players, October is a month full of inhuman monsters the likes of which you’ve never seen before. The long awaited release of the Dragyri faction book and the complete 2016 Dragyri Card Pack kicks it all off. Between the book’s covers lie all the new rules, beautiful art, and a progressing narrative revolving around the ancient alien race of Samaria. But those aren't the only new releases. 

In the Dragyri book, a new leader has risen, but along with that came the sinister darkness of the Shadow Caste! These secretive, terror-experts come to the table in a new 500-point Shadow Caste Faction Starter box. You can expand on the box with the skittering Greater Spiderlings and the leader of the Shadow Caste herself, Amabilia, the Arbiter of Chaos.

Players also get the monstrous Kukulkani construct of war, the Tuucha’nak! This hulk of stone-alloy is a massive siege weapon on legs, and it is headed your way! Between the new Dragyri rules, the Shadow Caste, and the Tuucha’nak, Dark Age if full of Tricks and Treats alike!

You can find all of these new release and more at the CMON store and your FLGS!

The Shadow Caste invades Dark Age!

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