The Villains of Starcadia Quest

In the far-off reaches of space, not everyone wants to be your friend. There’s ferocious alien life, hostile civilizations, and just other not-want-to-be-nice people you’ll have to deal with, try as you might to be welcoming. Some feel the galaxy isn’t big enough for the two of you, so one’s gonna have to go. In this article, we take a look at the Villains in Starcadia Quest.

The Scuttlebutts of Scuttlebuttaria really don’t want to be here. Like, AT ALL! They never joined the Alliance, and didn’t want to fight for Supreme Commander Thorne, but their world is well behind his lines, and if they don’t want their beloved glaciers melted, the Scuttlebutts must go forth and aid Thorne’s armies wherever they’re required. That said, when numbers are on their side, and numbers always are, Scuttlebutts are just as quick and dangerous as any of Thorne’s bigger, scarier troops. Thorne knows better than to rely on them to hold the line, so heroes should be wary of overconfidence when the Scuttlebutts break and run.

The Peeks, like the hideous (or beautiful, depending whom you're asking) Peek-a-Booms, are a cyclopean race that consider themselves the most charismatic and brilliant species in the galaxy. Obviously, right? Just look at them! So, when they discovered that the majority of galactic species were these bizarre, two-eyed beings with absolutely no ability to grow tentacles, well… they could see that Supreme Commander Thorne had a point about the galaxy being a place of disorder and chaos! The Peeks have readily taken up arms to aid Thorne, and their deadly accuracy makes them some of his most lethal shock troops in his Armada.

The Weebles are essentially ‘larval’ Peeks. It might seem cruel to send one’s offspring into battle, but Peeks breed at an insane rate, and Weebles only earn the right to take up arms (as in literally grow arms and legs) in service to their elders. Combat stimulates their minds, which at the moment are capable of little more than ‘Om-nom-nom-nom-nom’. Despite their instinctive behavior and tendency to muck up shiny metal decks with their drool, Supreme Commander Thorne finds their overwhelming numbers to be quite useful.

As Peeks age, they get bigger, stronger and… well, a little bit crazier. They tend to revert back to their Weeble state, both in mentality and hunger. Naturally, this all fits in perfectly with Supreme Commander Thorne’s designs. The Peek-a-Round, as they’re called, are given powered armor, all the guns they can carry, and orders to ‘go have fun’. If the giggling and maniacal laughter are any indication, the Peek-a-Round are having way too much fun indeed. It might seem counterintuitive to introduce such chaotic creatures to a battlefield under Thorne’s command, but trust us: it’s all according to plan.

Octocolds hail from Octopia, a world of canyons and cliffs, quite beautiful in its way, if not for the Octopians and their desire to fight anyone and everyone that comes to visit. They’d never lost, in fact, until Supreme Commander Thorne. Thorne’s master plan had them tied in knots. Literally. And for a species of land-dwelling octopodes, that was a real mess to sort out! When all was said and done, they pledged the Octocolds, their most elite fighting forces, to Thorne’s service.

As Octopians increase in strength, they also increase in size. Rumor has it that there’s no upward limit on how large Octopians can get, and their deepest canyons are home to city-sized Octopians of immense strength and intelligence. Fortunately, those can’t fit on spaceships, and the Octocruels are about the biggest Thorne has to throw at the Alliance. Still, they’re plenty deadly and plenty scary, having given up on their signature knives and now relying on their own claws and many, many arms to grab heroes into a crushing embrace.

The Icehearts are an elite team of cybernetically enhanced assassins from the frozen-jungle planet of Chillsorrow. In the past, Supreme Commander Thorne saved their species from extinction against a galactic menace, and they’re honorbound to serve Thorne in his interstellar conquests. Heck, they’d serve anyway, given the amount of combat the Armada sees. The Icehearts excel in swift strikes and melee combat, and their power armor only enhances their incredible natural talents for sowing mayhem.  The Icehearts may one day deem their debt to Thorne repaid, but if that ever happens, it will all be according to Thorne’s timetable.

One couldn’t ask for a more dangerous enemy than Supreme Commander Thorne. He’s brilliant, ruthless, and infallible. In fact, when there’s any fallibility to be found, it’s in his subordinates. While the Commander’s plans are perfect and flawless, timed to the very moment every trooper fires their rifle (or even reloads), sometimes random chance interferes. It’s infuriating! All disorder and chaos must be driven from the galaxy! Only the Starcadian Alliance stands in his way, but not for long! Muaha hahaah HAHAAHAAHAHHAHAHAAAAA!!!

The Starcadian Alliance will have its work cut out for it, making sure that Thorne and his beastly besties don’t take over everything and just ruin everyone else’s fun.

The Starcadia Quest Kickstarter launches on August 28 at 3 PM EST.

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The Villains of Starcadia Quest

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