The World of SMOG Part I: Welcome to SMOG

It’s the year 1889, and the city of London is covered in metal and gears, and a thick fog that allows only a few meters of vision before cloaking everything in a veil of white mist. It seems the familiar markets, streets, and pubs are shifting and changing as each day pases. By night, the light of the moon barely illuminates your hand in front of your face. In the past 100 years, major changes and advancements have occurred in the city, but have they all been for good, and who benefits from this new world?

Queen Victoria rules the streets of London, but the levels of unrest in the capital are growing by the day. Only a few years ago, Buckingham Palace was the scene of a vicious terrorist attack. Her Majesty survived but now relies on a mechanical body built to keep her alive. She is confined to the Palace but continues to lead the city, and the nation, into the future.

This is not the London of days gone by. Progress for the people of London has meant the introduction of steam powered mechanical marvels. These metal monstrosities come with the promise of an easier life, but the positive effects are rarely felt by the majority of the population. The Mechanical Brotherhood has put their faith in science, but it has not always been successful.

This new way of life has also included the arrival of monsters. Zombies have been resurrected to work in factories and now walk the streets with ordinary men and women. Due to their loyalty and low cost, they quickly began to replace automatons as the majority of the workforce. The prevalence of zombies caused mass unemployment and led to riots and protests. Financial collapse has seemed imminent for decades. However, zombies are not the only beasts that inhabit the modern world. Mutants have risen up, and although society sees them as pariahs, they actually have a great deal of strength in their numbers. To complicate matters even further, the arrival of an extraterrestrial race a few years ago has everyone on edge. No one knows what to expect from the visitors.

Modern day London has also seen a rise in Club activity. Once relegated to the shadows, now Club members feel as if their activity can be freely displayed on the city streets. There is a struggle for power as each different group fights for influence and superiority. The capital of the world runs on an engine of steam and unrest. The stage is set for something big to happen in the misty avenues and back alleys, but what will it be? There is a delicate balance that is inevitably about to shift.

This is The World of SMOG. It is the brainchild of French writer and artist Christophe Madura. He has been developing the story of SMOG for over a decade, and the characters and histories appear in a number of different formats, including comic books, novels, art prints and tabletop games.

CMON is proud to have helped bring The World of SMOG to life in the beautiful On Her Majesty’s Service. In the franchise’s first tabletop outing, players can enter the steam punk world of London and explore the legendary Shadow Market. (More on this in Part II of our SMOG Series). And now, CMON and Guillotine Games return to SMOG in The Rise of Moloch, which will be on Kickstarter soon and offers a very different experience than the first game. Join us Wednesday for Part II and Friday for Part III of our SMOG series, which will focus on the new game and include an awaited announcement!

The World of SMOG Part I: Welcome to SMOG

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