To a Really, Really, Really Big Number And Then Even Further!

The Starcadian Alliance was meant to bring peace, prosperity, and something else that starts with “p” to the galaxy… pfriendship? And it worked! Hooray! *cue the music, everybody celebrates* But, just out at the edge of Starcadian space, there’s a really big party-pooper planning something mean. It’s Supreme Commander Thorne, and he’s gathered together a vast armada and has launched an attack on everything the Starcadian Alliance stands for (and some of the things they sit and lie down for, too!). It’s up to the adventurous crews to put a stop to him! Of course, it’d be better if they worked together, but if they do that, then they might not be the one that gets all the glory! That’s what’s going on in Starcadia Quest, the newest standalone entry to the Arcadia Quest family. This new sci-fi take on the Player vs. Player vs. Enemy game is available now. But before you run out to buy a dozen copies, let’s take a look deeper into the game.

Starcadia Quest brings that same, great PvPvE action that players have come to know and love from the Arcadia Quest line of games. However, several major updates have been made to streamline play and make things just run smoother, overall. For example, instead of relying on maps to see where different elements on the board are to be placed, the game’s Tiles already have that information printed on them. So, there’s no more need to cross-reference between the book and the tiles for what goes where. Once the whole map is laid out, which is helpfully printed on special Setup cards, much of the pre-game prep is already done.

Crews are also reduced to two Heroes apiece. This will make set-up quicker as players don’t have to shuffle between making a 3-Hero group and simply has to create their own dynamic duo that they want to use in fighting Supreme Commander Thorne. Thorne’s minions are also easier to and more varied when prepping the game. The modular Monster dashboard lets players easily swap out enemies each session. Now, they can try different scenarios with different combinations of monsters and heroes for an always-different gaming experience. To keep players on their toes, Starcadia Quest utilizes new Event cards. These can do things like spawn monsters, but also might send everything topsy-turvy as the space station bumps into an asteroid and sends everyone flying. Or maybe all the fighting will cause the electricity to short out, giving anyone standing too nearby an outlet a painful jolt! Yeouch!

Starcadia Quest brings all the lighthearted fun of Arcadia Quest and sends it out among the stars. This next evolution in the game line will be a great addition to player’s game libraries. The core game box is available now, with new expansions coming soon.

You can read more about Starcadia Quest here.

To a Really, Really, Really Big Number And Then Even Further!

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