Trudvang Legends On Kickstarter Now!

The Kickstarter campaign for Trudvang Legends is happening now! This new cooperative storytelling adventure game, based on the award-winning Trudvang Chronicles RPG, takes players into the world of Trudvang, a vast and wondrous worldof deep forests, craggy mountains, raging rivers, and dangerous creatures. Players take on the role of adventurers like Volgr, the young dwarf warrior; Felerion, the seemingly ageless bard; or Kattly, the Vitner Weaver on the run from the Tenet of Nid. They will go on epic quests, looking to defeat the forces of Darkness threatening Trudvang.The game is fully cooperative, needing no GM to run the adventures.

Using the Book of Sagas and the Legends System, players select an epic quest and must decide how best to go about completing it, looking to achieve the most heroic outcome possible. As players move around the board, travelling to the different regions of Trudvang, they will have encounters and learn about the status of the world. Then, itis up to them to decide how they want to continue along. Challenges are resolved using a player’s runes. Each player has a bag filled with different runes, which are drawn from the bag, with players looking to find certain ones while avoiding others. If they can draw the correct runes, they are successful. Otherwise, they fail, which might have lasting consequences on the game.

Continuing along in their campaign, the choices that they make are recorded on the board. Sleeves on the game board itself hold cards that show the path the players have gone down as they continue their adventure. There are no easy answers, and the group’s decisions may have unintended consequences far down the line. But with careful planning, good can triumph over evil.

Trudvang Legends comes filled with beautiful miniatures to represent both the heroes and their adversaries, with artwork by legendary artist Paul Bonner.

Will you be able to save the world from Darkness? Find out and back the Trudvang Legends Kickstarter today!

Trudvang Legends On Kickstarter Now!

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