Visions in the Flames: Attachments and Units in Update 1.5 (Part 2)

Bannermen, we continue our look into the upcoming 1.5 revisions for A Song of Ice and Fire.

Before continuing, please check out the previous two articles in our series for the full scope of what is being done.

Visions in the Flames: Attachments and Units in Update 1.5

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Visions in the Flames: Abilities and Adjustments in Update 1.5

Today we’re going to be taking a look at three additional Attachments/Units that are receiving an Update in 1.5. Honestly, this, combined with the previous articles, actually covers a decent majority of what is being touched upon. As we’ve previously said, the focus on updating Attachments and Units is primarily to boost some options that just weren’t meeting full expectations, either in usage or general value. There are a couple items that received some tuning based on overperformance, but these are the outliers and very minimal. That all being said, let’s jump right in.


Halberdiers have a had a bit of a rough spot since release and its been mainly no fault of their own. Their role is meant to be a prime objective/area control piece but still maintain an offensive bite. The issue is that they wrestle in the defense department with Lannister Guards (with accompanying Guard Captain) for the same points, and on the offensive-side they contended with the Mountain’s Men.

We’ve given them a small quality-of-life Stat Buff in 1.5 by increasing their overall Attack Dice from 7/7/3 to 8/8/4, pushing their role as a “sustained combat” unit. Additionally, we’ve given them a small boost to Morale in moving from “7” to “6”. While Lannisters are not meant to have the best Morale, this represents their “better than Guards” training in fighting in actual formation.

Finally, they actually received a bit of a “stealth buff” in the form of the new Charging/Engagement rules, which overall makes achieving attacks in the Flanks a bit harder to pull off. This change actually factors higher in their capabilities moving forward than the stat-buffs listed above, but it’s a subtle one as well, so we’re calling specific attention to it here.


The Bastard’s Girls inhabit a unique space as any buffs to them had to be carefully considered, primarily due to the compounding nature of how the unit actually operates. Being a “jack-of-all-trades” style unit, altering almost any single aspect of them will directly influence another aspect of the unit. In the hands of an experienced player, the Girls could get some serious work done, but if utilized poorly, they could also just evaporate without doing much. While that can be said of a lot of units, the skill-cap-vs-payoff for utilizing the Girls was more skewed than we’d like to see.

Factoring in all this, we’ve given them a buff in the form of adding Vicious to their Melee Attack (they are a bunch of attack dogs and sadistic handlers, after all). This not only bumps up their potential, but also pushes them heavier into the focused themes of House Bolton in general - a.k.a. Panicking the enemy to death.

Another minor alteration we did to the unit’s card while we were working on it is changing the name of their Sic ’em Order to Ranged Assault. This is a minor footnote and was really just done as a matter of consistency - Abilities that do the same thing should be named the same thing, and since this Ability exists on other units, we wanted to keep it streamlined.


Greatjon fell victim to the “3 Point Curse” propagated among some of the earlier Attachments. While powerful, when you approach the 3-point level, the Attachment needs to be scary and contribute a decent amount to the unit. While a potential option is a reduction in points, sometimes that can push the value of the Abilities too far in the opposite direction. More so, in the case of the Greatjon, his Ability, while being very scary, had some specific-but-limited uses within the Stark army. Namely, his own House’s units didn’t make the best usage of it. While re-rolls are universally good, there were alternative ways to get the (Charging, mainly), and the secondary effect did not benefit Berserkers that much (who already had Sundering) or Great Axes, whose primary attack didn’t allow Defense Saves to begin with.

This relegated him to use in the occasional unit of Sworn Swords, which he combed exceptionally well with Stark Fury… At the cost of 2d3 Wounds to the unit. A steep price to pay on top of the already-high 3 points for even Attaching him.

That being said, we wanted to keep the Umber (and general Stark) focus of aggression, and not over complicate him: We gave him Overrun. One of the most devastating offensive Abilities in the game, its also a commodity that the Starks did not have access to. Now the full fury of House Umber can instill terror in your foes as a rampaging band of Northern Loyalists rampage across the battlefield. You like offense? Have some offense!

And that is going to complete our look today, loyal bannermen. Next time we’re going to go over one of the Core Mechanic changes in 1.5 - the last article in our series before 1.5’s official release. We’re sure you won’t want to miss it, so until then!

Visions in the Flames: Attachments and Units in Update 1.5 (Part 2)

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