Welcome, Hunters. Bloodborne: The Card Game Arrives November 11th.

Bloodborne: The Card Game, by Eric M. Lang and CMON, is the hotly anticipated tabletop version of the hit video game by FromSoftwar and Sony Interactive Entertainment for the PlayStation 4.  It will be available at your FLGS on November 11th. 

In Bloodborne: The Card Game, players take on the role of the Hunter. They’ll delve deeper and deeper into a Chalice Dungeon and face off with the monstrous minions inside, before finally confronting a horrifying Final Boss.

The Hunters’ goal is to collect Trophies and Blood Echoes from their defeated victims. They’ll work together to combat the monsters of the dungeon, but only the Hunter who has acquired the most points will be allowed to leave the dungeon and return to the real world. So don't mistake the occasional cooperation for friendship; Hunters will turn on each other to ensure they are the one to leave victorius.

At the start of the game, the Dungeon is created by making a deck of random Monsters and Minor Bosses, and then one of five Final Bosses is selected. The Final Boss will have an overarching power that will challenge the Hunters until they are able to reach and destroy the monster haunting their dreams.

Players secretly select actions and then reveal them at the same time. You’ll have to anticipate what your opponents are going to do and plan accordingly. At the start of the game, everyone will have the same set of ranged and melee weapons, but it won’t be long before you’re able to start improving your hand through upgrading to more powerful weapons and magical items that will come in handy. The starting hand also consists of the Transform card that allows you to select another Action after you’ve seen what everyone else has played. Rounding out the starting hand is the Hunter’s Dream.

The Hunter’s Dream, like all of the Monsters and items, is an element taken directly from the video game. It represents a safe haven that removes you from the battle and gives you a chance to heal and rest. Playing the Hunter’s Dream card allows you to recover health, bank any Blood Echoes you’ve gathered so far, and take an Upgrade card. It also allows you to take all of your played cards back into your hand.

Choosing when to attack the enemy and when to hold back, heal, and bank your progress is the key to the game. Like any good battle, there’s a flow to it. Learning the flow can determine who escapes with their life. The points you want to acquire can only be earned in a fight, but if you never rest, you’ll surely die (and you’ll die a lot in this game).

Eric M. Lang designed a game that captures the essence of the digital version, tapping into the same dark feel and intense challenge. You don’t need to have played the video game to enjoy the card game, but fans of the original will find a lot to love here.

As you work your way through the dungeon, you will get injured, or even die (did we mention you’ll die a lot?). However, when you do run out of hit points, Bloodborne: The Card Game gives you the chance to come back again, possible stronger than before. 

So if you dare, strap on your Flamesprayer and your Stake Driver and head on down to your FLGS. The Chalice Dungeon is waiting and only the brave will manage to survive Bloodborne: The Card Game.

Learn more about Bloodborne: The Card Game here.

Welcome, Hunters. Bloodborne: The Card Game Arrives November 11th.

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