Words Are in the Eye of the Beholder: Kaleidos Arrives November 11th!

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and sometimes they’re worth some points as well. In Kaleidos you race against the clock and the other players to find different items in elaborate, beautifully illustrated pictures. The trick is: They all have to start with the same letter!

Kaleidos is a simple to learn, party game that will challenge players in fun, creative ways. It’s coming to your FLGS in November 11th, and it’s the perfect fit for your next family gathering.


Each round, players agree to use one of the beautiful and busy pictures filled with different items, characters, and actions. Everyone places a copy of the oversized canvas onto their easel, then a Letter card is drawn from the deck, and the timer is started. 

Once the clock has started, everyone furiously writes down all the words they can of items they find depicted in the picture, keeping in mind they all must start with the selected letter. You’re allowed a lot of creative license, so for example, a car could also be an automobile, a lift, wheels, or even a gas guzzler. It just comes down to finding the right way to describe the object to match the letter for the round. 

You have incentive to be creative too, since you’ll earn extra points for words that you write down and no one else does. Once the time has expired, you can compare the words you’ve found against your opponents to see who has been the most creative and perceptive. Each word you get is worth at least a point, but if you’re the only one to have found it, it’s worth three! When the question of acceptable words arises, everyone votes and the majority decides if it’s accepted (there’s nothing to prevent you from making an impassioned plea of your case). 

Every picture will transport you to some beautiful and mysterious places. There’s a strange, fantasy carnival with weird sights everywhere you look. Another picture introduces you to a magician’s workshop with tricks, props, and illusions. There’s even an image of a space station that has had its gravitational power shut off and any number of strange objects are floating by! No matter where Kaleidos takes you, it will stimulate your imagination and be a feast for your eyes!

Kaleidos is super easy to learn and an accessible game for players of all skill levels. You’ll be able to grasp the rules in no time, but the combinations of pictures and letters will leave you with countless opportunities to search the images for words again and again. 

Learn more about Kaleidos here.

Words Are in the Eye of the Beholder: Kaleidos Arrives November 11th!

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