Your potion final exams begin soon!

Your last year at the Horribilorum Sorcery Academy for Witty Witches and Wizards has had its ups and downs. There was the class play you got the lead in (that was pretty sweet), but there was also the magical Spring dance that you failed to get a date for (decidedly not sweet). However, all of that is behind you now. Time to focus on the one thing standing between you and becoming a full blown wizard: your final exams!

These evaluations have been designed to test your potion making skills, and only one student will be able to graduate at the head of the class. By combining exotic ingredients such as Dragon Smoke, Unicorn Tears and Fairy Dandruff, you'll concoct a number of different mixtures. Each potion is worth a certain amount of points when completed, and you can also drink it to unlock a special ability...if you trust your own mixing skills.

Potion Explosion is a fun, engaging game for 2-4 students. Its simple rule set and eye-catching components make it a sure fire hit for players of any skill level. The real star of the game is the unique Slide Dispenser that allows you to pull out ingredients (contained in beautiful glass balls...or marbles) to complete the recipe for the potions you're working on. You can take an ingredient from anywhere in the dispenser, which will make all of the ingredients above it slide down, slamming them into the ingredients below. If two of the same colors smash in to each other, an Explosion occurs! You get to take any of the ingredients of the same type that are connected to the Explosion. When all of those are removed, another Explosion may occur (if you’re lucky). Big combinations can lead to big turns and a lot of completed potions. Choose your ingredients carefully and don't leave opportunities behind for your fellow students to take advantage of.

There are eight different types of potions to create. Each game you'll choose six to test yourselves on. Getting lots of ingredients each turn is great, but you'll need to be completing sets of potions if you want to earn Merit Badges. A set of three of the same potion or five different ones earns you a Merit Badge. They are worth points at the end of the game, and they act as a timer. When the badges run out, the exams are over. Once a potion is completed it will give you a one-time special ability if you choose to drink it. Many of the potions, such as the Potion of Wisdom or the Balm of Uttermost Stickiness, will allow you to take a number of ingredients from the Slide Dispenser, possibly setting you up for a big turn. Others have their own unique abilities, like the Elixir of Blind Love that allows you to steal ingredients from other players or the Sands of Time that allows you to reuse one of the potions you've already drank.

The art and components in Potion Explosion are top notch. Each player will work on two potions at a time on their own work bench. The ingredients are beautiful and colorful, and, combined with the Slide Dispenser, they create a fun, puzzling mechanic.

After four hard years of studying, you're ready to enter the magical working world. Focus in on your exams because all of the best wizarding positions will want a transcript of your final grades. This could be the difference between a job researching cutting edge potions or cleaning out the dragon's cage. Choose your ingredients wisely, drink your potions with confidence, and nail that test!

Potion Explosion is available at your FLGS and CMON's web store on Friday, September 2nd. Learn more about the game here.

Your potion final exams begin soon!

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