Zombicide: Black Plague Releases for October 21st

Halloween is creeping ever closer, and the time is right to open the crypt doors and release some new Zombicide: Black Plague content. This month, two new Special Guest Artist packs will be hitting your FLGS. But that’s not all. CMON will also make available two new sets of custom dice to take into battle, deck holders to streamline your play, and some more infected townsfolk with the second N.P.C. box. So don’t hesitate; head out into the world and get your hands on this sweet new material, just don’t get bit in the process!

Neal Adams has been a pivotal figure in the world of comics for decades.  During that time, he’s worked on seminal titles like Green Lantern/Green Arrow and the X-Men. Adams is credited with creating the dark and brooding Batman that people have come to recognize as the modern Dark Knight. For his Zombicide: Black Plague Special Guest Artist box, Adams has designed four characters taken right out of a fantasy comic. They are archetypal figures, rippling with muscles, steel weapons, and steel nerves. Each character has their own engaging backstory and a beautiful, highly-detailed miniature that is ready to step into the streets of an infected medieval town and carve up some zombies.

Gipi is an Italian artist that has been illustrating and writing his own satirical short stories for years. His unique Special Guest Artist box features four characters pulled right from his beautiful, challenging, card-management game, Brutal. Each character gets their own card detailing their personal history as well as an incredible miniature that captures the essence of Gipi's art.

The second set of Notorious Plagued Characters (N.P.C. #2) adds 20 different savage zombie miniatures to Black Plague in five different types. There is a zombie monk, a tavern wench, a jester, a noble, and an elven bard, each one represented by incredibly creepy miniature figures. N.P.C. #2 also includes 20 white bases to set these nasty undead creatures apart from the rest of the horde.

Any experienced Survivor knows that a game of Zombicide: Black Plague can be won or lost by the roll of the dice. When you’re going to take fate into your hands, you might as well do it in style. The custom Red and “Bone” dice sets offer players a chance to deck out their game in a very functional way. Each set comes with five custom engraved dice. You may not always roll hits, but you’ll always look good rolling them.

The Deck Holders for Zombicide: Black Plague offer a solution that keeps cards organized and ready to grab. The set comes with a holder for Zombie cards and another for Equipment cards. Each holder has two sets of walls, so you can customize them depending on the number of cards you like to play with and whether you use sleeves or not. No one likes spawning more zombies, but the Deck Holders ensure you’ll get a clean grab of your cards every time.

All of these gruesome goods will be hitting you FLGS on October 21st. Gear up for Halloween and don’t be consumed by the plague!

Zombicide: Black Plague Releases for October 21st

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