Zombicide: Invader - Meet the Xenos

The future had brought incredible advances in technology, allowing humans to reach beyond the confines of the Earth and explore nearby stars. However, the science was still in its infancy, and mankind was left searching for a new form of fuel that could propel their vessels deep into the galaxy. Already, people had made contact with alien species, some friendly, some wary, but it was when a scouting mission came across PK-L7, they began to believe their dreams of intergalactic travel would become a reality. There they discovered Xenium, a sticky, black fossil fuel that would give them the very power they had been searching for. It wasn’t long before a mining base was set up and international workers and scientists made their way to the planet to start to cash in on the find and the great potential it held. Of course, with so much money on the line, it made sense to also send some military personnel for security purposes.

However, humans weren’t the only ones interested in Xenium. A different race of creatures was already hard at work collecting the fuel for their own purposes. The creatures were peaceful, but with an inability to truly communicate, the humans kept their distance and went about the business of extracting Xenium themselves. That’s how it went for a while. The Xenos (as the human forces had begun to call them) kept to themselves, and there was a tentative peace for a time. 

When the miners extracting Xenium in the tunnels far below the surface of the planet were attacked by Xenos, they were caught completely off guard, and the casualty count was high. The few survivors that made it back to the mining base tried their best to describe the creatures’ complete change in demeanor, but they were unable to capture their ferocity. Not that it really mattered. It wasn’t long before the Xenos arrived at the base.

Since the initial attacks, scientists have been able to learn a little bit about the creatures now hell bent on killing all the humans. Firstly, they aren’t native to PK-L7. Analysis of corpses attained through brutal combat made it clear their species originated on another planet. The second fact that quickly became abundantly clear was the Xenos were from at least three genetically different species. 

The weakest of those killers were by no means the least enthusiastic. The Survivors refer to them as Workers. While they don’t pack the same punch as some of their larger brethren, they still have the strength to tear a grown man in two. These creatures are not just vicious, they’re numerous, often appearing in swarms. It doesn’t take long before a pack of Workers come together and fill the rooms and corridors of the entire base. Luckily, their flesh is soft and penetrable by bullets, blades, and blunt objects. A well-aimed attack will take out a Worker, and earn an Experience point for the Survivor that ended its advance. 

However, not all Xenos are weak, simple targets. Giant, lumbering beasts known as Tanks cause nightmares for the Civilians and Soldiers of PK-L7. These hulking monsters lead the charge down the corridors of the base, shrugging off all but the most powerful attacks and protecting their weaker cousins behind them. Tanks are not to be trifled with, as they deal out a devastating two points of damage with each blow and require two damage to kill. They are first in Targeting Priority, as they squeeze their massive torsos down the narrow corridors of the mining base, blocking most fire from getting past. Civilians should give Tanks a wide berth and, honestly, Soldiers shouldn’t get too close, either. When a Survivor does manage to take out a Tank, they’ll earn an Experience point for their efforts.

If there’s any Xeno type that’s clearly had some experience with combat, it has to be the speedy, sneaking ones the humans are referring to as Hunters. This breed served as the security forces for the Xenos, but until the attacks, they were rarely seen. Despite some unknown force turning them into single-minded monsters, their instincts still remain. Instead of running headlong into the blasts of machine gun fire, Hunters hold back, hiding behind larger Xenos, as they make their approach. Hunters are tough to hit and last in Targeting Priority. They’re fast, too. With two Actions every time they’re activated, they close the distance between them and the Survivors quick! Luckily, they’re also soft, requiring a single damage to be eliminated. Taking out a Hunter will earn a Survivor one Experience point.

The last of the known Xenos is a huge, terrifying beast. The Spoiler Abomination seems to have been more affected by the mysterious illness than any of the other Xenos. As they stumble through the mining base, they appear less concerned with killing Survivors than their smaller counterparts. Make no mistake, they’ll slaughter any human in their path, but their goal is more destruction-based. Mold oozes out of the pores of the Spoiler Abomination and they leave a trail of the corrosive substance everywhere they go like some evil, intergalactic snail. When a Spoiler Abomination enters a Zone, it is immediately covered with Active Mold, destroying walls, Doors, and Objectives. This Mold could spell the end of the base and certainly the end of the Mission. As it spreads, Active Mold becomes a nesting ground for new Xenos, allowing them to spring up from the dark, bubbling ooze. Mold Spawn cards are hidden throughout the Equipment deck, and when one is revealed, each Active Mold Zone spawns the indicated Xeno type. Further complicating matters, if two Spawn Zones are connected by a string of unbroken Active Mold, the Mission is immediately lost. Suffice to say, the Survivors would be wise to take out the Spoiler Abomination as soon as possible. 

A monster of this size is not going to go down easy. The Spoiler Abomination takes an incredible three damage to neutralize, and because this was supposed to be a simple Civilian operation, the Survivors didn’t bring anything to PK-L7 that packs that kind of punch. To take out the Spoiler Abomination, they’ll need to create Hellfire in a Zone, or concentrate their fire (see our gameplay article for more on these techniques). When a Spoiler does finally fall, they’ll grant five Experience points to the Survivor that dealt the killing blow.

There is really very little known about the Xenos. Where did they come from? Why are they suddenly acting so aggressively? How can there be so many of them? The more analytical of the Survivors would love to have the time to study these questions, but this is no longer a Civilian mission. Hell, it’s not even a military mission. This is a fight for their lives on a planet a long way from home with an enemy that doesn’t stop coming, and doesn’t stop killing. 

The Survivors will get a chance to face off against the Xenos when Zombicide: Invader comes to Kickstarter on April 10 at 3 PM EST. 

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Zombicide: Invader - Meet the Xenos

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