Zombicide: The Heroes of Green Horde

The plague swept through the Orc population in no time. The masses were infected in the blink of an eye, and although they lost their intelligence, it was replaced by a need to feast of the flesh of the living. Orcs were already stronger than the average human, but now they have a single-minded focus that would make even the most battle-hardened warrior quake in their boots.  

The human population that lived on the borders of the Orcish lands fell fast. They were victims of what the locals began to call the Green Horde. From nowhere, it would strike the citizenry, leaving nothing but death and destruction in its path. It was a giant mass of Orcs and goblins in various shapes and sizes, with but one goal: to kill humans.  

Few survived, but those that did faced the Horde with a steely new resolve. They were determined to defend heir land and exact revenge for the carnage that was left behind.  

Zombicide: Green Horde will be coming to Kickstarter on May 30, and six new Survivors will begin a new journey. They come from diverse backgrounds, each with their own story to tell, but one thing binds them together: the will to live. 

Asim is a traveler and businessman at heart. In his previous life, before the plague, he sold goods around the world. However, when the Orcs came, Asim decided to stand and fight rather than run. To everyone’s surprise, he turned out to be a skilled warrior with a number of kills under his belt. Asim found a new meaning to life amongst all of this death. He once thought he’d return to his homeland as soon as an opportunity presented itself, but now he might fight on with his new allies. The future is an open road for him. 

Johannes used to make his living as an Engineer. In fact, he was one of the smartest in his field. He’s is a man of science and his inventions made people’s lives easier. That was before the plague hit. Now, his inventions keep people alive. He’s able to take even the most mundane objects and turn them into weapons, an incredibly helpful skill to have during these dark times. Johannes has used his resourcefulness and ingenuity to survive up until this point, but to keep going, he’s going to need a little help from his friends. 

Megan grew up as an heir to a family of thieves. She displayed a sharp mind at an early age, with an almost unquenchable thirst for learning. Magic was the subject that interested her the most, and with the support of her family, she devoured every magical book she could get her hands on. It wasn't long before she set off for an adventurer’s life as a unique kind of mercenary. She was deep in Orc territory when the plague hit. The temptation to turn to dark magic was strong, but she’s avoided it so far. Her goal is to work with other Survivors to wipe out the Necromancer threat… and hopefully to avoid turning to the dark.  

Berin has never been one to shy away from adventure. He will take on any task for the right price. He was hired by a local Lord to take on the Orcs that were raiding his fields. Berin accepted the challenge and faced the Orcs head on. He made short work of them, too, until the plague hit. Berin’s party quickly got reduced, until he was the only one left standing. He’s seen his fair share of death and destruction along the way, but that hasn’t sapped his love of battle. He’s on the lookout to join other Survivors and avenge the deaths of his comrades.  

Rolf grew up too impulsive to be a good farmer and too hotheaded to be a good soldier. The only path left him was as an Orc hunter, which actually suited him just fine. His role was to defend the border and punish any Orc that dared stray out of their territory. Sure, the life span of an Orc hunter wasn’t usually that long, but Rolf proved to be especially skilled at it. When the zombie Orcs attacked, Rolf was on the frontline. He saw, firsthand, many of his fellow hunters fall. But he was resolved to keep fighting, and in the end, he managed to escape the Green Horde. Now, driven by hate and a need for revenge, Rolf scours the countryside in search of Survivors or zombie Orcs. Good news if you’re the former, and bad if you’re the latter. 

Seli’s story is a mystery, even to her. She was found on a mound of corpses with a nasty blow to her head. At first, it seemed as if she had developed amnesia, but it’s actually much worse. Seli can’t seem to form memories past a few days. It could be a curse, a result of her injury, or some other cause, but everyday she awakes in a group of total strangers. Luckily, that ailment hasn’t affected her fighting skills. Seli is an amazing athlete and a skilled assassin. The Survivors in her party are just going to have to make sure she knows they’re on HER side.  

 Zombicide: Green Horde is coming to Kickstarter on May 30. It offers a brand new set of Quests for these heroic Survivors to embark on, but also a terrifying new menace. Stay tuned to the CMON and Guillotine Games Facebook pages for updates as the Green Horde shuffles ever-closer.

Zombicide: The Heroes of Green Horde

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