CMON Inc Hires Adam Lovell as General Manager

For Immediate Release

April 28, 2017, 8:00am EST

Press Inquiries:

Today, April 28, 2017, CMON Inc announced Adam Lovell is joining as General Manager. In this role, Adam will manage the day-to-day operations of CMON’s Alpharetta, GA based office, utilizing his experience to further grow the company’s US presence.

Adam has worked in the hobby industry for almost a decade, bringing with him a knowledge of both the distribution and publishing side of the US market. His operations experience in sales and marketing from his time in both will play a key role in his new position with CMON, making him a great addition to the evolving culture of the company.

“When the team at CMON laid out their vision of the brand in this and coming years, I couldn’t help but want to join the team,” explained Adam. “I’m excited and more than a little humbled to come on board and hit the ground running. Together, we will nurture and build the positive culture of the Alpharetta office and at every event CMON attends, making our team members proud to be a part of the most passionate and innovative crew in the gaming industry.”

Jules Vautour, CMON Inc’s Sales Director, adds, “When the possibility to hire Adam was presented to me, the decision was easy. With his experience in distribution and publishing, he’s worked in almost every facet of what we do: sales, marketing, and processes. He’ll be a great fit for us and a great help to what we are aiming to accomplish at CMON.”

Adam officially joins the CMON family on May 8, 2017, and he will be attending CMON Expo 2017 from May 12-14 in Atlanta, GA.

About CMON Inc

CMON Inc is a wholly owned subsidiary of CMON Limited. CMON Limited is an international publisher of board games, tabletop games and apps. Beginning from small hobbyist roots, CMON has grown into a multinational group that publishes several award winning games, including Zombicide, Arcadia Quest, Blood Rage and more. CMON Limited can be found on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange Growth Enterprise Market under stock code “08278.” Follow CMON on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

CMON Inc Hires Adam Lovell as General Manager