CMON Limited and Ankama Products End Distribution Deal

For Immediate Release

May 22, 2017, 8:00am EST

Press Inquiries:

Today, Monday, May 22, CMON Limited and Ankama Products announced their USA distribution partnership has come to an end. The final product to be released under the current deal is Gang Rush: Breakout on June 23, 2017.

CMON and Ankama originally entered into their partnership to deliver on the awaited release of Krosmaster: Quest and have gone on to distribute Krosmaster Arena 2.0, Kromaster Collection: Cemetery Park, 75 Gnom’ Street, and more. CMON will continue to sell their remaining stock of Ankama Products along with providing customer support for those titles while supplies last.

Ankama Products fans can look forward to a forthcoming announcement on their new distribution partner soon.

About CMON Inc

CMON Inc is a wholly owned subsidiary of CMON Limited. CMON Limited is an international publisher of board games, tabletop games and apps. Beginning from small hobbyist roots, CMON has grown into a multinational group that publishes several award winning games, including Zombicide, Arcadia Quest, Blood Rage and more. CMON Limited can be found on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange Growth Enterprise Market under stock code “08278.” Follow CMON on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

About the Ankama Group

Ankama is an independent company which creates, publishes and distributes works of entertainment worldwide. From video games to board games, from animation to manga, it controls the chain of production for its creations from start to finish. Known for its MMORPGs and the animated series DOFUS and WAKFU, part of a vast universe called the Krosmoz, it achieved its first full-length feature film in 2016, DOFUS – Book I: Julith. Among the many strings of its bow: the board game Krosmaster Arena, its figurines and its online version; the video games Tactile Wars, King Tongue, and DOFUS Pogo, on smartphone and tablet; but also mangas and comics such as Mutafukaz, Maliki, City Hall, Radiant, and Freaks' Squeele. Indeed, since 2004, following the principles of transmedia, the Ankama teams have been creating universes developed through several stories and in several formats, thereby offering their communities of players, readers and spectators a full and immersive narrative experience across all popular platforms. At Ankama, every story is unique, but they are all interconnected.

CMON Limited and Ankama Products End Distribution Deal