Household: Meet the Sluagh

The Household RPG is hitting Kickstarter on May 18th (you can sign up to be notified HERE!). The book Saga of the Fragile Peace features a playable campaign and 24 pre-made Littling characters, fully ready to play.

There is one character for every Folk in every Profession, so you can choose among them and start exploring the House right away!

Last week, we met the Boggarts characters (read all about them HERE!). So today, we’ll meet the 6 Sluagh characters!

Tubo, Sluagh Soldier

For many years, Tubo was bound  by a great Debt to work as a body-guard for an old, evil littling. When fate finally gave him a chance, Tubo rescinded his Contract and began his new life. Everybody knows the name of the huge littling with a golden heart who would win any battle to defend those in need. 

Malaika Kumari, Sluagh Scholar

Malaika grew up aspiring to one day be as good of a healer as her mother. However, her lively, Salamander-like intelligence led her even further on the path of becoming a doctor who could treat all the Folk in the Household.

Qamar Halabi, Sluagh Hunter

Qamar’s first memory dates back to when she was just four years old and a Boggart killed her parents. Today she doesn’t even remember their names, but every night and for twenty years, the ruthless hunter has been consumed by the burning desire for vengeance.

Micah Doyle, Sluagh Criminal

After years of sacrifice and hard work, after jail cells and brawls, Micah set aside his aspirations for a quiet life on the day a certain Lynch bailed him out of prison, gave him an elegant suit, and made him a well-paid killer.

Santiago Vilar, Sluagh Duelist

Growing up knowing he shared the black blood of Don Ramiro Vilar, Santiago studied the rules of the clock-hand, of chivalry, of cowardice, and was the first in the history of the Viletia Academy to graduate with full marks, thus earning the huge inheritance of the hero.

Zehra Ören, Sluagh Animal Handler

As Kathun, Zehra always had everything she wished for, but she couldn’t stand the confines of life at the palace. In her rebellious years, she developed a great love for insects and made every effort to study veterinary medicine at the University!

There you have a quick view of the Sluagh and the pre-made characters that come in Household. Which one will you play when you get your copy? Stay tuned as we continue to look at the different Folk in the game. And be sure to sign up to be notified when the Kickstarter campaign launches!

Household: Meet the Sluagh

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